In the next series of blogs, we are going to look at each room and talk about effective techniques to make a good first impression. In this blog, we are going to start with the master bedroom. 

Repeat after me. “Less is More, less is More, less is More!”. This is especially important when preparing your home for sale.

Take a good look at your master bedroom and consider the space. Is it cluttered? Does it feel inviting? Are the linens matching? Is the furniture subtle and not big, bulky furniture that takes up half the room?

OK, so let’s say that you have decluttered your bedroom down to the bare minimum. It’s now time to ‘dress’ the room for photography and sale. There are two ways that you can do this. The first is to hire a professional home stager to do the heavy lifting for you. Home stagers are fantastic if your house is completely empty. They can dress each room to effectively show how each space is used.

We asked Joanne Dean from Raine & Horne, Victor Harbor about what’s the hardest thing about selling an empty home, and this is what Joanne had to say:

An empty home is difficult as it feels unloved and not ‘homely’, so it’s hard for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in it.

Furnishings give the property a soul and warmth and helps people gauge the size of the room in photos.

However, if you aren’t sure about hiring a professional, there are some things that you can do to improve your bedrooms appearance.

Choose the perfect spot for the bed. Your bed should be positioned in the middle of the wall, opposite the bedroom door. It’s all about creating flow and you also want the bed to be the first thing potential buyers see when they enter the room.

Create a luxurious bed. If you don’t have a fancy headboard, don’t worry, you can create a similar look by using Euro pillows. Stack your normal pillows and a few cushions in front. If there is a large empty space above the bed; hang a piece of artwork. Lastly, loosely dress the bed with a throw rug. I realise there is a ‘knack’ to mastering the throw rug, it’s an art form, you know! If you don’t have these things as your disposal, we carry a small assortment of cushions and throw rugs that you can use for the shoot.

Don’t have side tables? You can purchase inexpensive tray tables online, but if you have trouble finding them, we carry a set of tray tables that you can use for the photo shoot. Simply add some lamps and a few accessories to make the room feel warm and inviting.

Keep your bedroom decor as neutral as possible. Bedrooms are usually where most people want to feel relaxed and comfortable. Try to create that ‘luxury’ feeling that will grab the buyers attention by taking a look at some of these examples from IKEA. You can easily achieve ‘the look’ for a small investment. You can pick up some great bargains at places like Kmart, Target, Adair’s or IKEA. For example, IKEA has great neutral linens for around $30-$40, while Kmart has a fantastic range of cushions for around $6-$10 each. Consider the adage, “You need to spend a dollar to make a dollar “.

Consider hiring a professional home stager. Stagers/interior designers are the experts when it comes to home presentation and staging your home for sale. While there are upfront costs; hiring a stager could end up adding thousands to your sale price!

We spoke to professional stagers at iDress Interiors, and this is what they had to say:

“With 1000’s of homes for sale online, you really need to stand out from the crowd – this is where home styling can help … and of course great photos!

First impressions count and can make an enormous difference to potential buyers skimming over your listing or taking the next step to view a property in person.

With most buyers doing their research online first, the images and presentation of a property has never been more IMPORTANT. Hiring a Home stylist is proven to be one of the best and effective investments when selling a home and developing a marketing strategy. We carefully style each home with beautiful furniture and artwork to appeal to the target market and showcase the best features of the property.

Adding Home styling to a property marketing strategy will supply the best chance of selling quickly, easily and for the best price. We can be contacted for a no obligation quote … we’d love to help sell your home!”

If you wish to have a chat with any of the stagers from IDress Interiors, drop them an email ( or visit them on Facebook.

We hope that you enjoyed our first blog on preparing your house for sale! For some bedroom inspiration, look at some of our favourite bedrooms that we have photographed!