Creating a luxurious, spa-like feel

Like kitchens, bathrooms are important areas of your home that can win over potential buyers if cleaned and set up correctly. Try setting up your bathroom similar to that of an expensive hotel; for example, put out a baskets with scented soaps, shower and bath products to make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa.

Clean! Remove mold from grout

Scrub grimy shower doors using white vinegar or bicarbonate of soda with a non-scratch scourer and then rinse with warm water to make your shower doors/windows gleam.

Clear off all bench tops

Pack away all personal bath products (soap, hair products, used razors, soap dishes, tissue box, toilet rolls, floor toilet roll holders, bathroom scales, air fresheners etc.). There should be nothing in or around your sink or shower area. As these are everyday products, use a large storage tub to store all of the items that you can quickly remove when needed (i.e. buyer inspections, photos etc.).

Hang attractive towels

Bring out your best, matching, ‘fluffy’ towels and if possible, use white towels, to create a more open feel. If possible, buy new towels to be only used as ‘display’ towels (once washed, towels seem to lose their brightness and fluffiness!). If you have lots of bench space, try placing a pile of neatly folded or rolled, matching towels with a natural loofah, bath salts or a candle to give that spa-like feel.

Ensure that the toilet lids are down.

Go green

Add a green plant, an orchid or candles to dress up the room. This will give the room that spa-like feel.