Preparing for a twilight shoot takes minimal work, but work that should be completed, nonetheless. We only get one chance (on the night) to get it right as the window for opportunity is very tight.

So, before you book your twilight shoot:

Check that all your lights (inside and outside) are working.

We often turn up to homes only to discover there are no outside lights or a bulb needs to be replaced. So please make sure that ALL your lights are working. This includes lamps, pools, patios, garden lights etc.

In addition to working lights, please ensure that the wattage and colour of your interior globes are the same. Sometimes we use different globes (warm to cold) in different rooms.

Also ensure that you have disabled any timers on porches etc. We often find that when we run back to our camera, the lights have timed out!

Open all curtains and blinds

The idea behind a twilight is to show the warm light oozing from the windows; trickling down the walls and over the landscape. This is what gives potential buyers that warm and fuzzy feeling when they come across your listing. So please ensure there is nothing blocking your windows.

From time to time, we have had to completely remove the window coverings as they are not separate fabrics that open or roll up.

The last part…

Once your home is prepped, it is time to come outside and join in on the fun, or if you wish, stay inside and keep warm. Should you be inside, please stay clear of your windows or you may accidentally end up in a photo!