Your street appeal is what drives traffic to your online listing. Without it, potential buyers are likely to scroll past without a second glance.

So, apart from professional photos, what else can you do to increase your properties street appeal?

  • A fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior. If the front of your home is going to see the first thing buyers see, you do not want an image of a house that has outdated colours, faded or chipped paint.

  • Make your entrance stand out. Direct visitors to your home or make a welcoming entrance by making it recognisable. Too many times we have visited properties only to struggle to find the front door! Consider adding your house number, a decorative bell or sign or even a seating area with cushions. Remember to have a clear path to your front door, i.e. a gravel or pebble path for visitors to follow.
  1. Do not neglect your garden! Plants, flowers and trees and extremely important to your homes street appeal and shows people that you have a sense of pride in your home. A well-manicured lawn will certainly turn some heads! Remember to remove any garden tools, toys and other items from both your front and back yard.
  1. Update your letter box. Seems like an odd one, but sometimes the tiny details count. Adding an interesting letter box with clear house numbers is a wonderful way to welcome your visitors.

Some other ways of increasing your street appeal:

  1. Add a fence to your front yard or if you have one, consider a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Make sure the roof is fixed. Broken tiles etc., can give the impression that there are problems with the house.
  3. Have your gardens professionally landscaped.
  4. Repaint your front door to something bold like red or black.
  5. Add some outdoor furniture.
  6. Add more lighting like installing solar-powered garden lights or lamps.