When selling your property, we tend to focus on selling how many bedrooms and bathrooms we have, how much storage is there, how big the living rooms etc., but what about the location or the lifestyle?

When marketing a home, we must also remember to promote the experience that comes with living in the home. When you think of Victor Harbor, or the Fleurieu Peninsula in general, we have rural living, lakeside living, beach side living, inner township living and so on.

Your marketing package should embody the location and lifestyle that you are trying to sell.

For example, buyers seeking a country home want to see the charm of rural living; such as: big, open spaces, luscious green grass, rustic lifestyle, gum trees and wildlife. Buyers seeking a coastal home, may be looking more for a Hamptons-inspired home with areas to relax and look at the ocean.

Buying a home is an investment into your future and buyers want to know what type of future they are investing in.

Create spaces in your home that help buyers envisage the lifestyle they are buying into!

  • Add reading nooks near windows with a comfortable chair and floor lamp.
  • Comfortable outdoor sitting areas. Add cushions, a serving tray with a tea pot or even a bottle of wine.
  • Create a unique area to store surfboards. Do not forget to add the surfboards!
  • Add a shoe rack or basket for gum boots.
  • Set your dining table to help buyers envisage themselves sitting down to a family dinner.
  • Add throw rugs, cushions and even a book to your bed to show comfort and warmth.