Check out some of IKEAS galleries for inspiration. IKEA has an amazing team of designers that can give you ideas on how to stage your rooms. For example, if you do not have a kitchen island, you can buy one for anywhere between $80-$300 from IKEA.

You can also pick up chopping blocks, fruit bowls and vases for under $20

Love Kmart, Big W and Bunnings

Kmart and Big W sell fabulous, cheap dinnerware, which you can use to set up on your countertop or stack neatly under your kitchen island.

Also, visit Bunnings for some live herb plants and decorative pots.

Do not forget to visit your local fruit and veg store and pick up a bag of nice green apples or lemons. If you are unable to find most of these things, we carry an assortment of chopping boards, fruit, cheeses and bench top items with us.