1. Photos taken by a professional real estate photographer will attract more buyers.

When 70% of buyers search for new homes online, photos can mean everything. You need eye-catching and high-quality images that capture the attention of potential buyers when scrolling online.

  • Sell your home faster

Hiring a professional real estate photographer like Get Clicked! Real Estate Photography will not only help get your listing “clicked” but increases your homes “street appeal”. Show stopping hero shots, such as stunning exterior twilight photos can make your home more appealing.

  • You will stand out from the competition

When buyers are busily scrolling for potential homes online, poorly taken hero shots are often ignored. Photos taken by a professional real estate photographer not only stand out but are less likely to be scrolled past without a second look.

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but as humans, we cannot help but be drawn to things that’s we find visually attractive. So, do you think a poorly taken photo taken with a mobile phone is going to stop buyers in their tracks? It’s highly unlikely.

  • Professional real estate photographers know how to highlight a homes’ best features

At Get Clicked! Real Estate Photography , we have the experience on how to photograph South Coast homes. From beach side properties, beach shacks, homes with ocean views to country homes, we know how to showcase the amazing features of these unique homes. Using a combination of professional equipment such as cameras, lenses and lighting equipment and our technical expertise, we know how to make your home pop!

  • A picture will always be worth a thousand words

Using a professional real estate photographer is key to creating an emotion connection to your potential buyers, so we understand the importance of creating beautiful imagery that tells a story and inspires buyers into wanting to know more.