Best exteriors hero shots

If the front-exterior is to be your hero shot, then aim for a time where the sun is facing onto the house. If we are shooting into the sun, i.e. the sun is lighting the back of the property, we can run into problems such as lens flare, haziness and glare.

Best interior hero shots

Your hero shot might be a room that is naturally dark during the day. Large, open plan living spaces can be very dark. We aim to shoot these types of homes early in the morning or just before dusk.

If photographed when there is lots of natural sunlight coming through the windows, harsh light or shadows will overrun rooms. Flooring is hard to see; especially wooden, tiled or polished concrete flooring.

For very dark rooms, we recommend adding extra artificial light; such as brighter globes or lamps. Lamps are great as they add extra ‘warmth’ to the room.