When Get Clicked! Real Estate Photography first saw the bedroom of a gorgeous beach house in Port Elliot, we were amazed by not only the positioning of the property, but the view.

We took a wide-angle shot, so we could capture the room, walk-in-robe, balcony and the view to showcase the entire space. All these elements are essential to show the buyer.

For a different point-of-view, we got down lower, closer and changed settings to create a different story. If you were lying in that bed, that is exactly what you would see. This is where creative-angles photography is most valuable.

Photo by Angela Giles (Get Clicked! Real Estate Photography)
Photo by Angela Giles (Get Clicked! Real Estate Photography)

When adding creative-angles shots to your listing, there are a few things you can do:

  • For outside window views, make sure your windows are clean. Windows dirty with saltwater will show.
  • If you have a balcony, even a small bedroom balcony, dress it up! If you don’t have any furniture, consider buying some cheap chairs and a round table from IKEA or Kmart. You can easily set up a table for two with some decorations for under $100.
  • Try not to place any large, bulky furniture in front of windows that may block this view.
  • Blue is a feel-good colour that most people find calming, so if you have an ocean view, you could pair up the ocean blue with yellow, white, silver, mint or blush colours. For example, bed linens, cushions, vases, occasional chairs, throw rugs etc. For rural views with lots of greenery, aim for either different shades of green, yellow, white or even red.
  • Fresh cut flowers always make a nice touch to any room, so this is something you should invest in anyway. Make sure your flowers contrast with the rest of the room.