Make your hotel or holiday home a winner online

We often want to be left alone while on holiday, so when finding that perfect retreat that covers relaxation, stress-free time with the kids, family activities etc., we usually turn to the Internet.

First impressions always count

When marketing hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes, beach rentals etc., using professional photos will help boost your product’s visibility.

When it takes just a 20th of a second to decide on a purchase online, those first impressions are vital.

Take for example the website stayz.com.au; when scrolling through the list of potential holiday homes ideal for your situation, it’s easy to simply look past those with poor photography and focus only on the ones with fantastic hero shots.

Your hero shot is THE photo that people see first on either an Internet booking site (stayz.com.au, AirBnB, Tripadvisor etc.) or your website home page.

This image must be eye-catching, visually pleasing and compelling so viewers want to know more.

A hero shot evokes emotion, gets attention and can make or break your products listing.

Boosting your booking

At Get Clicked! Real Estate Photography we create stunning images of your hotel, motel, holiday home, BnB or beach rental. Along with photographs of your rooms, we also provide close-up and intimate shots using creative-angles photography that make buyers instantly connect with the photo.

We can also provide lifestyle and location shots, which also help with selling the experience and not just the home.

Finding your niche

If there is a market that you are catering to, it’s helpful to let us know. We can then tailor a photography marketing package that will appeal to your target audience. For example, if targeting honeymooners or couples looking for a romantic getaway, we would ensure we focus on privacy, atmosphere, quietness and so on.


Great tips for adding value to your accommodation

The little touches can mean so much to someone on holiday.

From self-catering needs, games for kids, take-away menus on the fridge door and location information – holiday-makers will appreciate the extra attention to detail.


Advertising your accommodation

There are many online sites you can join to advertise your accommodation, i.e. stayz, Airbnb, unwind, PetLet, hometogo, homeaway). Please let us know which ones you intend to use, as requirements can differ site to site.


Builders photography

Before hiring a builder or architect, any potential customer will want to see a portfolio of their work. If photos are of poor quality or taken with a mobile phone, what does that say to the viewer?

Kitchen photography

When searching for the perfect kitchen designer, part of the process is to not only research credentials, but to examine earlier work. Most people start their search online and decide from there.

Bathroom photography

Whether a master bath, vanity room, en suite or small wash room, Get Clicked! Real Estate Photography of Victor Harbor has the experience and know-how to photograph these areas to create show-stopping images.

Restaurants and cafés

Get Clicked! Real Estate Photography produces stunning images to help you show off your amazing food creations, location and atmospheric venue with a combination of food and building photography.

Personal brand photography

Personal branding is your way of controlling how others perceive you, your product and your company. With the Internet being the first resource people use to learn about YOU; first impressions matter.

Gardens and landscaping

We work with landscape designers and architects to photograph gardens, lawns, paving etc. These photos are perfect for brochures, flyers, websites, press marketing and social media.

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