Effective marketing with twilight photography – the ‘wow’ factor

When you invest in a professional photographer like Get Clicked! Real Estate Photography in Victor Harbor, you will receive striking photos that attract more hits online.

What is it about shooting at dusk/twilight that can make properties look so appealing?

  • They can make a perfect hero shot for your marketing campaign.
  • They stand out online, in newspapers and magazines more than daytime photos.
  • They create moods that look elegant and classy.
  • They create glamour; therefore, giving the property a ‘luxury’ feel.
  • They can make properties look bigger.
  • They can add value to your home and therefore fetch a higher selling price.

Twilight shoots create mood. They make your home ooze elegance and luxury.

When searching for a new home online, buyers can easily scroll past dozens that don’t capture their attention. With only 8 seconds to impress – you want your hero shot to really stand out.

Photos are the first crucial step to capturing your audience.

Few people can look past a home with a prestigious, rich blue sky and a beautiful, warm glow coming from the windows.

Intimate. Classy. Attractive.

You want your buyers to picture themselves pulling into your driveway after a long day and instantly feeling relieved that they are home.

Get Clicked Now!... with one of our incredible marketing packages

We have many amazing photography packages that have been tailored to your marketing needs. Whether you want an ultimate marketing packages for maximum uses or a basic package to showcase your home online.

Our packages cover everything from photography, drone, video marketing, floor plans, twilight photography and creative angles photography.

Lite Packages

$ 60
/ From
Basic floor plan
Premium editing
And much more!

Pro Packages

$ 250
/ From
Basic floor plan
Premium editing
And much more!

Premium Packages

$ 385
/ From
Aerial photography
Coloured floor plan
And much more!

Ultimate Marketing

$ 500
/ From
Aerial photography
Marketing video
And much more!

Daytime photography

Over 85% of potential buyers search online when looking for a new home, so when selling, your online ‘street appeal’ plays a vital part of your property marketing campaign.

Twilight photography

Before hiring a builder or architect, any potential customer will want to see a portfolio of their work. If photos are of poor quality or taken with a mobile phone, what does that say to the viewer?

Day-to-night photography

AG Photography’s goal is to create images that best represent your business or company. These photos are what help drive marketing campaigns such as: flyers, brochures, websites, billboards, advertisements and social media.

Creative angles photography

Creative-Angles Photography is the art of creating intimate and inviting spaces. They break away from the standard wide-angle shots that sometimes don’t tell the whole story.

Insta-stylin' photography

Photo sharing platforms such as Instagram have become a key ingredient for generating leads, sales and enquiries. According to the Social Media Statistics Australia, there are 9,000,000 active Instagram users daily.

Location photography

Location, location, location! We’ve all heard the chant when it comes to real estate. The location and lifestyle of where the house is found can be a huge selling point and should be included in the marketing campaign.

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