What are hero shots?

Hero shots are used to promote your home or product; whether on a sign board outside your house, printed on a brochure or in a newspaper and the first photo potential buyers will see when searching for a home online.

When decisions are made based on the first image potential buyers see when scrolling through listings online, an unappealing hero shot will not help you ‘get clicked’!

What are some of the best hero shots?

Show the rear of your house if you have a nice backyard, entertaining or bbq area or perhaps a pool.

Fireplaces with calming fires tend to draw admiration form potential buyers; especially if situated in a clean and decluttered living area with ample natural light and views. Consider removing curtains, fixtures or drapes to make this happen; if you have old and outdated curtains.

Hero shots need to be high resolution, sharp and crisp.

They also need to be light-filled to make them bright and natural. The idea is to entice buyers to click on your listing.

When is the best time for a hero shot?

Without a doubt, the best time is twilight time. Visit our Twilight Photography page to see why.