South Beach House in Carrickalinga


I photographed this eclectic, coastline beach house for Fleurieu Accommodation, located along the beachfront of Gold Coast Drive, Carrickalinga.

The double story house has the floor to ceiling windows that proved quite a challenge to photograph. Also challenging was the lighting inside the house, as the upstairs loft did make the rear of the property very dark. I needed to bring out the heavy artillery of speedlites to light this house up inside.

Correctly exposing each section of the windows involved many setting my camera on a timer and running around the room, lighting parts of the window that I wanted to blend later. As a result, each lounge shot (facing the ocean) is approximately 8-10 photos combined.

I loved photographing this charming beach abode. The design, architecture and build are so unique but inviting when you walk inside. I could see myself enjoying many summer nights at this beautiful place!

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Words and photos by Angela Giles.
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Angela Giles

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