5 Reasons agents and builders should use video to market their properties

  1. Social media videos are perfect for generating shares. According to an article by Search Engine Journal, live videos generate on average of 600% more Facebook interactions. Remember that you should always add a call to action (CTA) to your video so customers can contact you instantly if they have questions.
  2. Videos posted on social media or social channels such as YouTube help agents and builders spread the word faster about their listings, agency or company.
  3. Videos on landing pages have a greater impact and should be used where possible. According to Unbounce, videos increase the length of time people stay on your page.
  4. It’s easier for people to sit back and enjoy a quick 1-minute video rather than it is to read the text. Yes, we’re lazy! Before you begin recording, first put together a storyboard. This will enable clear direction for everyone involves so that your video runs smoothly.
  5. Adding your video to YouTube will increase your SEO if set correctly. There is a greater chance that your video will show up on Google over your text pages.

So why use video marketing for your listings, agency or company?

Because 85% of customers prefer to work with agents or companies that use video.

What is the best uses of video marketing?

  • Property tours (both for listings or new homes). Create a video walkthrough so viewers can get a sense of what it is like to walk through the home.
  • Agency or company profile videos.
  • Customer testimonial videos. This is a big one because usually we take written testimonials with a grain of salt. Having a customer give a testimonial on video is more compelling and convincing.
  • Suburb profile video. Sometimes selling the location is just as important as the selling the house or land. Builders embarking on building several homes in an area may want to create a video that shows the benefits and lifestyle of the area to help sell their house and land packages.
  • Just for fun! Why not create a video that shows your staff behind the scenes working or having a laugh?

What does Get Clicked! Real Estate Photography offer with videos?

We offer a range of solutions, which are mostly listed above. We can create videos using stock footage from our vast archive or can create personalised footage and content to make your video unique to you. Please contact us to discuss video options.

Aerial photography

With new technologies, there are many new ways that we can view real estate or building projects from different perspectives. For example, aerial photography.

Floor plans

Buyers want to be able to visualise the layout of the room, i.e. does the layout of the house fit their lifestyle.

Home Staging

We carry a range of cushions, throw rugs, bed covers, decorations and other items that we can use to ‘dress up’ a home; however, we highly recommend hiring an expert to stage your home.

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